Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Week 10/12/13

So this week started insanely, I've known about this for months.Here I am I have to do this show. Since April I've been talking to Lars. So Saturday night we pull of the show , nobody knows the act, Ted the host pulls a a great schtick. Comes out and tells people he is going to sing for them and starts out  dressed as Rod Stewart and as the curtain raises singing Maggie May, stopped after the first verse by the bandleader, Chuck, He tells him that he did so good in rehearsal but has a guy to help him out and out steps Rod Stewart.   The  show starts.  Success!
My week was loading in sound and lights on day one  and sending my faithful runners to Chicago to pick up crew members coming from England and other European points.  Day two was the  band gear coming in and finally meeting Lars and Patrick.  Day three, day of show came off so beautifully Rod was just a sport about all the things Ted wanted to do,.awesome day.  It was such a bucket list thing for me to work with Rod so today I celebrate a little. Listening to " The Last Days Of The Fillmore" just so I can hear Bill Grahams voice again introducing bands and then "Love Is The Song We Sing" comp just to hear all those San Francisco 45's

Lot of Bourbon tonight, part of the celebration. will expand more

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